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Would you love a place that looks amazing and that you can call it home sweet home?

A home is more than a place you stay in. It is happy place where you can live, enjoy, be comfortable and feel peaceful.

We are a team of energetic and cheerful interior designers that creates beautiful and practical homes in Malaysia and Singapore. Describe your dream home to us, and we will make it come true. We take care of everything from concept phase all the way to build and delivery.

How To Get Started

How To Get Started

What Our Clients Say About Us

A smooth process

Yuan Design has given me the dream place that I wanted. The clean and modern look allows me to enjoy my place daily. They not only design and built such a beautiful home, but have made the whole process a smooth one.
Dr Ammar

Within my budget

People has the perspective that interior designing is expensive, but I found the one place that is able to create my dream home within my budget and because of this, I would like to thank Yuan Design.

Imagination to life

When I bought my new place, it was empty and bare. I do know how I want my place to look like but it is not like drawing on a piece of paper, many things need to be done and this is when Yuan Design comes to my rescue. They literally brought my imagination to life.