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Yuan Design is incorporated in Singapore since 1993 and the organization has grown and expends. It was established in Malaysia since 2004, lead by our dynamic and creative director Ms. Zessie Li.

The “Yuan” refers to China currency, which is called yuan or renminbi. Yuan is a very auspicious and prosperous name because it means wealth and it is important for a company.

Yuan Design (M) Sdn Bhd is a close-knot firm consist of designer that work stylishly together. Every client is exercise and their detailed requirements are our priority so customization is what we do best and proud of.

Ms. Zessie Li


Ms. Zessie Li is a Singapore based interior designer and stylist with experience more than 20 years in both interior and built design. Zessie’s work has been featured in national publications and media outlets such as The Star Online and Starproperty.my .

For more information on Zessie’s work, or to get in touch regarding employment opportunities, feel free to contact her and our company.


To accomplish a true perceptive of the clients’ needs and expectations being same ‘heart and mind’ with the clients. To achieve a harmonious working team, sharing the same goal; and together transform the client’s needs into a des solution and eventually to the end physical reality. To attain a close partnership with contractors, suppliers and other consultants regarding their respective duties and responsibilities; and coordinating these resources to realize the client’s need and expectations within their budget and tight schedule.


Our vision is “to have a two way long lasting relationship between our employees and the clients. We always want to meet the clients’ demands; we comply not only on their design specifications, but also their budget. We can assure that at the end of the day, the clients will be delighted at what we do for their home now – deemed as SANCTUARY”.
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