About Us

Yuan Design Team

Yuan Design was incorporated in Singapore in 1993, and the organization has grown and expanded. Since being established in Malaysia in 2004, Yuan Design has been committed to designing and building interiors that people love, emphasising quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Zessie Li

Ms. Zessie Li

Design Director

Ms Zessie Li is a Singapore-based interior designer and stylist with over 20 years of experience in interior and built design. Zessie’s work has been featured in national publications and media outlets such as The Star Online, Starproperty, Luxury Lifestyle.


Our vision is to be the premier interior design firm renowned for creating stylish, high-quality spaces that perfectly capture our clients’ essence and lifestyle aspirations. Through collaborative partnerships and a commitment to excellence, we will transform properties into distinctive sanctuaries our clients proudly call home.


Yuan Design’s mission is to enhance our clients’ wellbeing by crafting living and workspaces that are as unique as their inhabitants. We build long-lasting partnerships through active listening and insight into lifestyles and preferences. Our team brings each project to life with creativity, expertise, and attention to detail – designing solutions that perfectly balance aesthetics, functionality, and quality construction. We are committed to sustainable practices and to having a positive impact on everyone involved in the design process. Through dedication and care, we create inspiring interiors that truly reflect and elevate our clients.

We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful interior space that reflects who they are as an individual or family member.