A Modern Classy Master Bathroom

a modern classy bathroom
The master bathroom of Z-House, Park Seven Condominium located at the KLCC Park, a luxury duplex condominium with approximately 4,000 square feet.

Imagine yourself returning home from a morning walk in the KLCC Park on the weekend. All you want is to have a refreshing shower and spend quality time relaxing in the bathtub. Over here, our team in Yuan Design is envisioned to propose a complete makeover of the whole house, including this massive master bedroom.

“ I think now it’s the time for us to enjoy our life with our children and grandkids. We like to live in the heart of the city centre. We envision our home to be comfortable, modern and classy, while matching the lifestyle & atmosphere living around KLCC.” The owner said.

After going through the site visit, we see that the condition of the existing master bathroom is rather plain and dull. There is plenty of space for us to create designs and propose a brand new space planning to improve the practicality and circulation. Hence, we are proposing:
● Brand new floor, wall ceiling finishes.
● Brand new toilet fixtures; sinks with bottom cabinet, water tap fixtures, water closet, bathtub, shower screen, & sauna.
● Brand new lighting design & fixtures.

a modern classy bathroom before
Before, the use of timber flooring & brown homogeneous tile was rather dull.
Park7 condo KLCC bathroom
After, the mixture of colours, material and lighting brings out the classiness & modernity.

Design Intention:
COLOUR & FORM. In this master bathroom, the contrast tone of the Bronze Marble (brown) and Volakas Marble(white) finishes creating a bold and modern visual. We highlight the space by using brown marble on the shower wall directly linked to the floor, creating a flow of contrast in the white room.

MATERIAL & TEXTURE. We carefully selected the right marble type which is exquisitely veined and smooth to the touch, paired with a golden touch of shiny designer mosaic tile to bring out the classy and exclusive ambience. The vein of the marble brings a unique character to the bathroom.

a modern classy bathroom 1
Dry & wet zone is separated by two contrasting marble flooring. The visual connection created by the lighting effect links from the mirror to the bathtub golden wall.

LIGHTING & VISUAL. The golden wall at the bathtub is the centre of attention in the room. It is lit up all the way to the ceiling, creating a visual connection. During the evening, the lighting effect creates a delicate marriage of light and line, which exudes a soothing environment and a dynamic sense of modernity. A large curtain wall is a plus point to elevate the lighting atmosphere.

FUNCTIONALITY. The bathroom includes complete amenities everyone dreams to have at home. The built-in sauna allows the owner to release calories and toxins from the body with ease. It includes a dedicated shower area covered with a shower screen and a bathtub with carefully designed space for soap and towels. It also includes a large marble top with two basins and a storage cabinet underneath.

a modern classy bathroom 2
Large mirror is lit up with light borders and links up to the ceiling design.
a modern classy bathroom 3
Shower area facing bathtub towards the city view.

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