Dark Themed Modern European Bedroom

dark themed modern european bedroom 1
Newlyweds bedroom approximately 480sqft including the walk-in wardrobe and bathroom.

The all-white modern, minimalist, or European interior has been a trend that we came across often lately. White is undoubtedly a timeless and elegant choice for interior walls and design, but are there other alternatives aside from that? What if we decide to go with the unconventional color schemes instead?

When our team visited the house in Klang, the house owner told us that he was preparing to get married in a few months.

He dislikes the typical warm modern bedroom concept and wants us to look into a darker color palette. Therefore our team has proposed this modern European bedroom In navy blue and grey with a splash of gold highlight.


We match the navy blue wainscoting panel with a grey color to create a different depth in the room. In addition, we selected a golden designer glass mosaic for the headboard finishing that acts as a focal point in the room.


To give the space a sense of hierarchy, we created different ceiling levels. The ceiling design connects from the headboard with a warm light trough installed to soften the ambiance.


Loose items play a considerable part in interior design. So we carefully selected the designs and colors of the English style sofa, soft cushions, bedsheets curtain, and the upholstered headboard to complement the bedroom interior.

dark themed modern european bedroom space planning
Space planning of bedroom, tv area, walk-in wardrobe, and bathroom
dark themed modern european bedroom extension
The owner was doing the renovation to extend the bedroom
dark themed modern european bedroom 2
We implemented a feature wall in front of the bed using a pocket sliding door. The sliding door leads to a walk-in wardrobe.
dark themed modern european bedroom 2
Our team has proposed a TV lounge in the extension area. The modern European arch panel camouflages the existing beam. The arch also acts as a visual separator between the tv and sleeping area.
dark themed modern european bedroom 4
We selected a designer glass mosaic that brings character to the modern European bedroom.
dark themed modern european bedroom 5
Walk-in-wardrobe: Continuation of the dark modern European concept from the bedroom to the wardrobe area. Lighting is provided as part of the mirror design for functionality and aesthetics.
dark themed modern european bedroom 6
A balanced mix of materials selection for the bathroom uses white volakas, dark Emperador marble, and golden designer glass mosaic to give the bathroom a luxurious touch.

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