Design a focal point

Getting a focal point set up, will helps layout and design to be much easier. As we have talked about the importance of having a focal point or highlight for a home in the previous article, lets move on to how can we make it.

The first thing you could do is to find a focal point in your home, the focal point is either built in, where you get to notice it the moment you stepped into your home, or if you don’t, you may consider to look around for the biggest “feature”, it could be windows; could be sliding doors with a breathtaking view of the city; could be a wide empty wall that you think is the biggest in your home etc.. However, some of you may realize that your home doesn’t have any best features that you could look for, but that will not stop you from getting the focal point, you still can create the focal point by leveraging on design, patterns, uniqueness of your furniture, artwork, decorative items like plants, rugs, and even different colors. Some of the common focal point will be TV panels, windows and outdoor views, shelves, bar area, island in dry kitchen, ceiling or even feature wall at the welcome entrance, fireplace is also common in western countries but definitely not for Asian.

After identifying your focal point, consider how would you wish to design it. There are variety of ideas, for instances, you could use up a space in your home that is quite unfunctional to be your focal point, case in point, designed and built by Yuan Design, they removed the storeroom, then built a book shelves right up to the ceiling, separated by the staircase, will add more visual interest instead of looking like a library, is also functionable for people to display books on higher shelfs,  it is the biggest feature of the home, and definitely achieving the ultimate objective of eye catching.

cyberjaya semi-d staircase

Photograph: Designed by Yuan Design for a book lover

There are many more simpler and cost effective ideas like widening a window if you have an astonishing outdoor view to look at; you could also play about with ceilings design by putting on mirror on it, using bold paint color or patterned wallpaper to draw attention on walls, putting on patterned tiles, and hang on some pictures on a naked wall etc.

Photograph: Dark colour painting along the stairway enhanced by grey frame and lighting. A focal point designed by Yuan Design

Photograph: Simple TV backsplash with 3D effects wallpaper

However, there are always mistakes that you do not want to make, more isn’t always better, avoid trying to create more than one focal point, you could cause confusion and distraction. Also try to create frame around the focal point, to ensure that eyes are on it. But one that should never miss is lighting, having it could accentuate the focal point to be more obvious, to be more striking.

As a conclusion, a house with design has a focal point and we can help you if you would like to seek for advise or WE DESIGN FOR YOU.

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