How To Design An Entrance Hallway or Lobby?

An Entrance Hallway Is An Entry Point For Guests.

It’s A Place To Welcome Them, A Place To Show Your Personality. Also A Place To Impress Your Guests, And A Place That Give Your Guests An Insight Of Your Home Design.

It’s A Vital Place In Your Home.

Utilize furniture or furnishing to create the illusion of hallway entrance when your house doesn’t have one. For example, of having a double-sided cabinet, or a low cabinet with displays on it. You could also add additional furniture like mirrors and a storing bench. It’s to allow you to check your appearance before exiting. While the storage bench will allows you to store items, at the same time help you to put on or remove your shoes more comfortably.

Making use of vertical space such as hanging photos; hanging arts; building shelves or just naked wall painted with different colors will add sense of depth to a space and the design concept of your home will emerge directly to your guests.

There Are A Few Simple Concepts That You Can Apply When Designing A Home.

You may tackle on the paint colours in the entrance. You may take off with a striking colour. Try to make contrast colour between the wall with the ceiling and flooring. For example a piece of orange wall with black ceiling and floor, or a Caribbean Sea Blue with white ceiling and flooring. The advantage of it is being cost effective, most importantly, it will be eye catching to your guests.

Another concept is to convert your entrance hall into an art gallery or a historical path, this idea works well with a rectangular or long entrance way. You may hang family portraits, paintings, sculptures and much more other things that is of your interest. This way clearly shows your guests what are your interest and who you are.

One simpler way is to bring the focus to the light fixture. You can paint the wall in plain, keep it naked, and just putting a unique light fixture right in front of the entrance, make sure is unique and a suitable ratio comparing to the size of the entrance way, it will lead your guests into a feel of mystery the moment you open the door.

A modern chandelier being the focus point.

For bigger houses, that has an entrance hall or also called lobby, may consider placing a round table in the center of the hall, or catch your guests’ eyesight to the stairs with a beautiful, unique, artistic or stylish railing. Providing seating will also help to define the area purpose. Of course, a unique flooring like having a zebra colour floor tiles, will make your entrance hallway outstanding and unforgettable.

Photo: A chair to define the area to be an entrance hallway.

A chair to define the area to be an entrance hallway.

Photo: Let the staircase to be the star.

Let the staircase to be the star.

Photo: Zebra colour flooring in your lobby will combine the feeling of modern and traditional.

Zebra colour flooring in your lobby will combine the feeling of modern and traditional.

Last But Not Least, Lights Play A Functional Role At Your Entrance Hall, You Do Not Want Your Guest To Enter Into Or Exit From A Dark Area. It Should Be Well Lightened Up For Safety, For Reflection To Take Place In Enhancing The Design, And Better Visionary, Allow Your Guests To See Clearly, And To Impress Them With The Astonishing Interior Design.

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