Kitchen Island

Why do we go for ready-made kitchen island? When you can instead design a kitchen island with creativity and serve fully for your own preference. I will provide you a few tips to consider before designing your own kitchen island.


First thing to plan is to know the purpose of it, how are you going to use it. You can make use of your island in various functions.

Cooktop Island

Only in the wet kitchen. You can design an island with a stove on it. However, do consider when is a stove, there will be a hood. A hood that will be right in the center of your kitchen, therefore, you will require a plaster ceiling to hide the hood ducting. It is convenient for those who do not like to cook facing a wall. This design is only advisable for houses with wide kitchen, a small kitchen will make the area feel crampy as the hood will block vision.

Sink Island

In wet or dry kitchen. Mounting a sink on an island is common for those who would like to do their food preparation or cleaning on a wide surface area.

Bar Island

Bar island could be in wet or dry kitchen. It is suitable for those who loves entertaining, and this island definitely require seating with leg room.

Workspace Island

Most common of all will be the workspace island, that could be in both dry and wet kitchen. This type of island usually contains storage space underneath. On the surface will be wide and is suitable for entertaining as well as food preparation. This kind of island also provide seating.

Shape and Design

After identifying the suitable function for yourself, next is to consider about the pattern and design of it, there are various designs that depends on the layout of your kitchen.

Triangular kitchen island

The first option which is rarely seen in Malaysia is a triangular island. The advantage of it is that it able to sit more person. You may consider to mount a sink in the center of the island, allowing you to get involve while preparing.

L Shape kitchen island

L shape kitchen island is almost like a triangular island, but position it differently. It has more surface and is functional for dining or working while not being too close to the stove.

Round kitchen island

Round kitchen island is rarely an option for most household. If they have one, it will be a focal point. A round kitchen island will not have any edges.

Multipurpose kitchen island

A multipurpose kitchen island is very functional, and is strongly recommended for smaller homes. The island could serve for all usage. Multi-tier kitchen island is one of its design. Multi-tier island, could be created by using a stepped waterfall edge, or a different material and height, able to create a clear zone for prep, cleaning, and dining that is all done on one island.


Lastly would be deciding on the design and color of the island. There are various designs but I will name a few for you below.

  • Design a waterfall edge island
  • If area allows, try to make huge and wide island surface.
  • Make your island outstanding by using a contrast color comparing to the cabinetry.
  • Play with material like marble and metal, wood and bricks.
  • Build extra storage with some mixture of drawers and shelves.
  • Brighten up with pendant light.
  • Add open storage shelves above the island.
  • Applying minimalist concept, design the island to be as simple as possible.
  • Arrange some standout stools to gain attention.
All the above are some ideas to consider before building an island, try to contact our consultant if you require any further advise via

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