Planning for A Safe and Functional Kitchen

A kitchen is an area where food is prepared and cooked.

A kitchen should be a place that is safe, clean, bright, practical and functional.

Kitchen Working Triangle

There are many ways to design a kitchen, but to consider one simple reference is using the kitchen working triangle or also called the golden triangle. It’s a principle that is well used by designers. It involves the arrangement of stove, fridge and sink in a triangular pattern. In between each station, should be between 4 to 9 feet, and the total distance should not be less than 13 or more than 26 feet. By doing so, you will enjoy the area for not being too compact, or being too far apart. It serves the purpose of being functional and practical. Do take note to avoid putting an island in between the triangle, because it will block your way to any of the station. Also do not place a stove beside a refrigerator.

Try to put stove on exterior wall, instead of an island or an interior wall, doing so will have more effective ventilation system. A shorter hood duct will keep the kitchen looks nicer and neater, it will also evacuate airborne grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, heat, and steam better when the exhaust is nearer to the exit.

For oven and microwave, do not place on a height that require reaching to retrieve food. It will be appropriate for  to sit on 36 inches counter top. However, they will take up counter space. Therefore, most designs in Malaysia stacked the microwave on top of build in ovens. In this case, you could consider using a reference of the bottom of the microwave should not be more than 54 inches above the floor. While for the placing of oven, it could be 2 centimetres (wood support for the microwave) from the bottom of the microwave.

Bottom of microwave is 1150mm = 45.28 inches from the floor which is lower than the maximum height of 54 inches.

Proper lighting are something that we should focus on when planning a kitchen. Try to keep the work surface bright with but being glaring, and also, if possible, try to avoid shadows. This allow tasks to be executed in a safe situation. Always prepare an easily accessible storage area for your fire extinguisher, it should be easily visible and nearer to the exit.

Planning a kitchen with sufficient lights, suitable heights and correct position is an intricate process. You could consider to hire Yuan Design for a better decision.

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