What’s the highlight in your home?

A highlight, also called a focal point in an interior design is essential. It’s the attention seeker of the room, a place where eyes will land on when they first enter a room. It’s always important to make sure you’ve chosen the right spot for this showcase. We will discuss on this matter in our next article. 

Photograph: Before and after dining area with contemporary design. Contemporary design is combining the elements of modern, traditional, art deco and futuristic design.

The highlight of this project would be the mirror at the dining table, linking to the ceiling, and connecting to a marble wall on the other side. Supported with a wall light on the marble, enhancing the shininess of it, that looks elegant and classy. While the mirror also plays a different role, beside making the room looks wider and brighter, it also able to reflect the natural beauty of the marble and elevate the aesthetic of the room.

Its always important to plan out for a focal point before designing a home. What we have shown you here is one out of many that we have designed, you are most welcome to contact us for advises and ideas for your home.

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