Luxury Interior Design:
Guide for living in Style

Designing a luxury interior requires planning and forethought.

This ensures the end result is one that exudes style and elegance.

This design guide will help you create a luxurious living space that’s perfect for you.

What is luxury interior design?

Luxury interior design is about creating a high-end lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones. It’s more than aesthetics. It’s about creating the perfect environment to enjoy life to its fullest. Luxury interior design homes have personality and character, they tell a story.

A home that is personal

A luxurious interior design usually takes into account the taste of the person living in the space, their lifestyle, their needs and what they want from their home.

They are designed with detail in mind so there is something special about every inch of the home.

It’s not just about the high-end furniture, but rather how all elements of space tell a story that can captivate anyone who visits it.

It requires creativity, passion and dedication.

This includes the use of sophisticated materials, classic architecture and new-age technology to make sure that every part of the space is making an impact.

luxury interior design cosy living room with wood material
Cosy home with wooden material and stair railings customised as a safety feature for customer’s children

What is unique about luxury interior design?

Luxury design is a natural process, and so the requirements are not set in stone. The concept of luxury interior design has seen many different trends, but there are some key elements that will never go. Instead of having a definitive definition, luxury interiors share common characteristics.

Customised design

Customising a space with a unique design is something that luxury interiors do to stand out.

It’s not just about adding one or two custom touches, but rather making the space feel like it was made for you by taking into consideration your individual needs and desires.

Interior designers believe that nothing defines luxury more than personalized design. This is because it makes people feel special and comfortable.

luxury customised design princess theme bedroom
Princess theme bedroom specially designed for customer’s daughters

Customisation helps you create the perfect design that reflects who you are and what matters most in your life.

You can add your own personal touch to a room by adding artworks and furniture chosen by you.

Whether you’re looking for something decorative or functional, customised design is an easy way to bring the space together and make it more unique.

Ultimately, every inch of a luxury interior design should tell a story. It’s not just about the décor, but also about the finer details that make the space unique.

Outdoor dining with skylight ceiling
Dining in nature with a skylight ceiling

Comfortable and convenient living space

One of the key elements for luxury living is having a space that is comfortable and convenient to live in.

Luxury interiors reflect a lifestyle where the individual has been given the opportunity to live well.

Comfortable living means being taken care of both physically and emotionally, with access to all of your needs, no matter how small.

For example, when designing space for people who spend long hours on their feet at work, they need extra consideration for ergonomic furniture.

This includes chairs that are adjustable and made with materials like memory foam or natural leather which will make standing more bearable.

modern luxury study room with comfortable chairs

Convenient luxuries like under-desk drawers come in handy in order to keep clutter out of sight while not sacrificing storage capacity.

It’s important to have good views from your windows so you can see natural things such as plants, trees and life outside your home.

This will help you feel more inspired and creative when it comes to what’s going on inside your house.

kitchen with natural lighting and greenery view
Natural lighting and greenery view

A luxurious interior design should provide a space that is impeccable, while also providing a place of comfort.

This means using the best materials while also paying close attention to the textiles. There are many things that can be done to make sure your home is comfortable.

Here are a couple of ideas:

luxury living room with comfortable sofa and throw pillows
Comfortable couch with big throw pillows
luxury master bedroom with lighting
Proper use of lighting to highlight the bed area
modern luxury living room with ceiling mirror
Well placed mirrors create an illusion of spaciousness
luxury exterior with greenery
Add greenery to liven up your place
luxury living room with large rug
Incorporate a large rug

Having a focal point

Having a focal point is important because it helps bring out the aesthetic of a home and can draw guests to rooms.

A focal point should be the first thing someone sees upon entering a room.

This could be done by adding decorative elements to draw out their features, or it could also take up an entire wall of your room.

bedroom with bed board as focal point
Bedboard as the focal point

When designing a room, it is important to have only one focal point.

The focal point can be made up of different elements. The most common elements are feature walls, artwork, window views, etc.

luxury living with art deco accessories on feature wall
Feature wall with art deco

Decluttered space

Less clutter means more relaxation.

It not only offers benefits for mental clarity but also provides an opportunity to be creative with the space you have.

When decluttering your space, it is important to focus mainly on the objects that are scattered about.

Decluttering your belongings can be done through three steps:

  1. Start by clearing out your desk or workspace
  2. Clear the surfaces of objects that are piled up
  3. Sort messy items into one pile and clean items into another pile

Decluttering doesn’t need to be a long process; in fact, it’s best when it’s done often. Doing it often will allow you to keep your space clean and organised.

modern kitchen decluttered
Clean top with items tucked into the cabinets below

Maintain design consistency throughout your home

Creating a sense of consistency, balance and unity is the key to good interior design.

A well-coordinated design makes your home look pulled together and polished.

This leads to a feeling when you walk into the room and instantly feel relaxed. It enhances an experience in which all the human senses are engaged.

classic english living room
Classic English living room

The most common consistency that one can start with is the colour scheme. This can be done by choosing the main colour palette for each main area of the home. This will give the impression of being “together” as a whole instead of a hodgepodge of feelings.

Make sure that the colours in your colour theme tell a similar tale, radiate the same emotions, and complement each other in some manner.

classic english lounge area
Classic English lounge

Deciding on the design style is another way to maintain consistency. This ensures that as one moves from one area to another, it continues to give a visual continuity.

Pay attention to the details—from the type of lightbulbs, you use to the way you hang your curtains—to keep your design consistent.

Compliments every interior design style

Designing your home can be difficult. It can be hard to find the perfect design style for your home. There are so many different styles to choose from, and not all of them work well together.

This is where luxury interior design comes in.

Luxury interior design style is able to compliment every other type of design style because it is usually more extravagant, but also can be much more simplistic in some cases.

Luxury design is able to complement any style of interior design. This includes minimalist, transitional, modern, traditional, coastal, etc.

modern luxury living room with marble wall

For instance, if you’re more into modern spaces, then the use of rich textures and materials will create an interesting contrast and make your space feel warm and welcoming. 

You can also transform a more traditional room by mixing in luxuries such as under-desk drawers or unique wall shelves. 

Because there are so many different styles to choose from, it’s possible to find one that matches perfectly with your preferences.

Classic Luxury Interior design

Classic luxury interior design is all about creating a sophisticated, elegant, and detail-oriented look.

classic english lounge with tv and fireplace
classic english entertainment room with chester sofa

Modern luxury interior design

neo27 modern patio

Contemporary luxury interior design

modern luxury interior design

Colour scheme

Colour is an essential part of any design style. The colour palette is what sets the mood for the room.

Colour palette fan out

Before you start, it’s important to think about the factors that are involved in creating a colour scheme for your luxury interior design:

  • What colours are already present in your home?
  • What colours do you enjoy when you’re not designing the space?
  • Is there one colour that speaks to you when looking at photos or images of people’s homes?
  • What mood or ambience do you want your room to have?

Start with a basic colour scheme.

The colours in your design should be complementary so that they create an overall mood for the room.

Once you have chosen what colours you want to use and placed them on paper, arrange them into different areas of the space.

basic colour palette

For instance, if you’re looking for a bright and cheerful space with lots of blue hues, consider starting with a light pastel colour palette instead of dark blues.

If you’re looking for a colour palette that would not go wrong for luxury interior design, it’s best to simply focus on neutrals. This is because they work well together and compliment each other well.

These colours consist of browns, greys, whites, and blacks. They can be used in any room in your home and will always provide a warm, simple backdrop to any room

neutral earth tone lobby
Neutral earth tone colour scheme

You can also add in some pops of colour if you choose to do so- just remember that neutrals should still be the main theme and be used primarily by themselves.

Remember, the goal of using colour to create a luxury interior design style is to make it look elegant and beautiful.

Below are a few of our recommendations.

Sophisticated colours:

Sophisticated colours create a feeling of elegance, class and luxury.

They can be used in any area of your home, and are best suited for spaces such as the living room, dining room, or bedroom.

luxury bedroom with taupe colour

Taupe: This is an earthly and soothing tone. It is brown with a tinge of grey.

It provides a luxurious look for any room, adds a dash of warmth and works well in bedrooms, living rooms, studies, etc.

slate blue luxury modern bedroom

Slate blue: This is a calming and beautiful blue-grey colour tone. This makes it both colourful and neutral. It’s great if you want something simple not too bland and versatile.

warm grey luxury bedroom

Warm grey: A perfect choice for those who want to stick with neutrals, but want something a little warmer. It’s soft, stylish and creates elegance.

This colour can be used in any room and has a slight yellow undertone that makes it perfect for creating a warm, inviting space

Timeless colours

When It comes to a colour that never goes out of style and makes a place looks more elegant, there’s no more popular choice than white. It has a versatile range that goes well with any other colour.

It also helps to illuminate a space and makes a space feel larger.

white luxury modern english living room

Different shades of white such as ivory can make your place look more expensive and give it a luxurious touch.

Elegant black: A touch of black can really add sophistication to any room in your home. It’s perfect for hallways, entrances, or dining rooms and gives the impression of luxury.

elegant black luxury kitchen

Modern colours

The common colours of modern luxury interior design are black, white, grey and brown. These colours are monochrome and neutral, thus easily paired with other colours.

grey luxury modern bedroom

Gray has been deemed as one of the most commonly used colours due to its simplicity and versatility.

It can be applied across various designs without being too overpowering or garish like some other shades.

brown luxury living room

Browns are also a good choice because they work well with modern and classic styles.

They can be used to pull together natural elements from the outdoors or add a sense of warmth in a contemporary space.

Luxurious colours

Luxury colours such as red, purple, teal, rose gold, and even jewel tones like topazes can be used to create a luxurious space.

luxury living room with gold accent
Gold accents on lighting, table base and coloured mirrors

However, these come with a higher risk of being too garish or overwhelming.

That’s why luxury colours are best used in small doses and should be paired with lighter neutral tones or modern colours to maintain a cohesive design.

master bedroom with gold accent
Master bedroom with gold accent

Having a higher ratio of modern colours to luxurious colours would achieve a modern luxury look.

This means that the modern colours are the primary colours, and luxurious colours act as the accent in the room.


Lighting is one of the most important elements of design, as it can completely change the feel and look of a space.

Lighting can be used to highlight certain features, to set a specific mood, or to create an entirely new atmosphere.

lighting concealed in brickwall along garden
Concealed lighting along the brick wall

One way to enhance your luxury interior design is by playing with lighting.

You can use accent lighting to highlight special features in your home, such as a beautiful fireplace or an interesting painting. This will add visual interest and make your home feel more luxurious.

Each type of lighting can create a different atmosphere in a room and should be considered when designing the space. Some popular types of lighting include ambient light, grand lighting, layered lighting, etc.

Illuminate special features

Lighting can be used to change and transform a space. It can be used to highlight features, make a space feel larger or cosier, and set the mood for an event or occasion.

zen bedroom with downlight

Downlights are often used to illuminate special features in a room, such as artwork. By positioning the downlight so that it hits the artwork but is also combined with a darker area around it, we can draw attention to the painting. This is an effective way to highlight specific pieces in a room.

luxury entertainment room with wall lights

Wall lights are perfect for adding drama to a room. They can be used to highlight features or to create a focal point. When choosing a wall light, it’s important to consider the style of the room and the effect you want to achieve.

classic english kitchen with floor light at island
Floor light to highlight the kitchen island

Floor lights can be used to set the mood in a room or to highlight a special feature. They are often placed near the wall so that they can light up the entire space.

Grand lighting

Pendant lights and chandeliers are popular design elements used in modern luxury interiors today. They are characterized by a distinctiveness that is unparalleled and provides a flair of grandiosity.

moderning dining with beautiful chandelier light

Another way of achieving a grand lighting effect is having lighting fixtures that have unique and interesting elements.

dry kitchen with sputnik lamp at island

For example, multiple hanging lights that form a spiral or modern fixture like the Sputnik lamp. Or even getting a tall and sleek floor lamp that droops to the centre of the area.

Layered lighting

Layered lighting is key to creating an inviting and luxurious atmosphere. By utilizing different types of lighting, it creates depth and interest in the space.

modern english living room with layered lighting

The ambient light is the first layer of light in a room. This type of light provides general overall illumination in the space. It is typically used to set the mood and create an atmosphere.

A common form for this would be to use cove lighting.

wine room with blue clove lighting
Blue cove lighting that sets a relaxing mood

The second layer is task lighting, which is used for specific purposes like reading or working on a computer. This type of lighting is brighter and more focused than ambient light, so it can help you stay productive or read comfortably.

kitchen with undercabinet task lighting
Undercabinet lighting brightens up the area for food prep

Accent lighting is the third layer of lighting and it is used to highlight certain features in a room. This might be a painting on the wall, a fireplace, or anything else that you want to stand out. It’s important to use this layer sparingly so that it enhances the features in your room rather than overwhelming them.

staircase with accent lighting to highlight painting
Accent light highlighting painting


When it comes to luxury interior design, selecting the right materials is important. You want materials that are inviting and feel fabulous.

They should add to the overall character of the space and convey a sense of rarity without seeming pretentious.

In today’s world, we are very fortunate to have a lot of different materials at our disposal when it comes to designing our living spaces.

By combining different finishes and materials, we can create unique and stylish interiors. Some examples of popular combinations include stone and metal, organic fabric and wood, etc.

Durable and rich textures

Textures play a very important role in home décor. They can add sophistication and warmth, making a room feel more like home.

Some textures to consider using are silk, velvet, wool, and faux fur.

modern vibrant and cosy living room

A sumptuous, smooth, stylish rug is perfect for adding texture and can really pull a room together. Soft throw blankets and plush cushions are also great for adding cosiness and comfort to your space.

Metallic finishing

Metallic finishing can be a great way to add some glamour and luxury to your modern interior.

foyer with metallic finishing

Choose artworks, figurines, and vases with metallic finishes to complete the look.

Keep the entire appearance clean and pleasant for you and your visitors.

Cotten, linen and silk

Cotton, linen and silk are all sturdy fabrics that can be used in modern luxury design. However, care should be taken not to overpower the textures with too many elements.

bedroom with different material

Try combining different finishes and materials that are great for our surrounding environment to create stylish interiors. Cotton, linen and silk are all materials that can be used for both luxury and sustainability.


Leather furniture is a popular choice for any home, as it provides comfort and style.

It also adds glamour and makes a bold statement, making it a good choice for luxury interior design.

Classic English entertainment room with Chester sofa

No other material has the same appeal as leather, which seamlessly blends into modern, contemporary, and even vintage aesthetics. Additionally, leather is strong and durable, making it the perfect choice for furniture.

Natural materials

Natural materials are becoming more and more popular with interior designers because they offer a luxurious look while also being sustainable.

contemporary kitchen with wood materials
Wood as the main material creating a cosy feel

Many top designers are using eco-friendly materials that not only look great but also have a positive environmental impact.

Natural materials such as stone, metal, wood, and fabric can be combined to create a unique look.

tea drinking with natural wood table

For example, a natural wood table with metal legs or a wooden chair with a patterned fabric seat.

By using different materials in your design, you can add visual interest and make your space feel more personalized.


Marble is a beautiful and timeless natural stone that can add sophistication and elegance to any interior design.

It remains the top choice for many homeowners and businesses alike as it adds to the value of the property.

luxury toilet with marble wall and bathtub

Marble is a popular choice for bathroom renovations because it is elegant, timeless, and water-resistant.

A marble bathroom will add a luxurious spa-like feel to any bathroom, regardless of whether it is modern or traditional in style.

Bespoke Carpentry / Joinery

Bespoke carpentry plays a key role in creating beautiful and functional pieces that perfectly suit your needs. It can add luxury and style to any home, and it also serves a functional purpose.

Bespoke bookshelves, cabinetry, and storage solutions can add personality to any space while providing much-needed storage. Plus, they offer the opportunity to achieve a desired aesthetic while also allowing space to adapt to your needs.

Bespoke carpentry can be used to create signature pieces and focal points in a room, as well as add significance and functionality.

Feature wall

Feature walls (also known as accent walls) are a great way to add personality and visual interest to any room.

A well-designed feature wall becomes a focal point for a room and makes a bold statement.

foyer with grand feature wall

By choosing a colour or pattern that stands out, you can create an accent wall that will transform the look and feel of the entire space.

Grandeur feature wall designed with the use of geometric patterns and grey mirrors.

Decorative moulding

Decorative moulding is a great way to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any home. It can easily be installed by upgrading an existing moulding or installing a new one.

There are several types of moulding to add a touch of elegance to your home making it unique.

Panel moulding

Adding panel mouldings to a room can be an easy and affordable way of transforming the look of the space.

Panel mouldings are typically used to add depth and visual appeal to a corner or wall, and they can be particularly effective in low-ceiling and narrow rooms.

staircase walkway with panel moulding

Additionally, because panel mouldings come in a variety of styles and finishes, it’s easy to find one that will complement your existing décor.

modern classic dining room with wainscoating

A popular type of panel moulding is wainscoting which typically covers the lower portion of a wall.

Crown moulding

Crown moulding is considered icing on the cake for any home with its sophisticated finishing touch.

classic english kitchen with crown moulding

It is typically installed at the top of the wall where the wall and ceiling meet. It comes in a wide range of sizes, styles and widths to fit any space.

crown moulding

Unique ceiling design

There are countless amazing ceiling designs that can really enhance the look of a room.

A few benefits of having an eye-catching ceiling design are that it can be a relatively inexpensive way to give your home a new look. It can be used to highlight certain features in the room, and it can make a small room feel bigger.

rooftop with unique ceiling design

When combined with creative lighting methods, an innovative ceiling design may turn even the most basic room into a stunning one.

classic english kitchen with floor light at island

Additionally, many unique ceiling designs blend in seamlessly with the rest of the home. This is a great option for people who want to add some interest without going too crazy.

Furnishing and accessories

When furnishing and accessorizing your home, it is important to take your time and plan carefully. Don’t skimp on the accessories – they can make or break the look of your home.

luxury living with art deco accessories on feature wall

Accessories should be chosen with precision in order to create a cohesive look. They are also one of the first things guests will see, so it’s important to make a good impression.

Here are a couple of ideas.

Custom-made curtains

Custom-made curtains are a luxurious way to add detail and elegance to any space.

They can be made from a variety of materials, including silk and leather. You can also choose the colour, pattern, and style you want to really make your curtains stand out.

woman opening curtains

The most important aspect when having custom-made curtains is the length of the curtains. Too short and it will look nerdy. Too long and it will have the excess spill over the floor. The length has to be just right.

Finishing touches

Adding the finishing touches to your home can really make it feel like your own.

Whether it’s some new artwork, a cosy throw blanket, or a few plants, these small additions can make all the difference.

cosy area with finishing touches

In terms of accessories, there are a few things that work well in minimalist and modern spaces. For example, vases, figurines or artwork with a minimalist and modern design.

tea area with vase and twigs as finishing touches

Additionally, triptych frames that show line drawings or paintings done in soft neutrals and gold paints can create magic in any space.

It’s important to use one or two statement pieces sparingly to avoid overwhelming the space.

Roll out a large rug

Adding a rug is a great way to add colour and life to a room and also create a sophisticated look for your place.

modern vibrant and cosy living room

From increased comfort underfoot to artistic value and noise reduction, rugs add so much to a room. They come in all shapes and sizes, as well as colours and textures, so you can find the perfect one for your home that reflects your personal taste.

modern english living room with layered lighting

Plus, they’re a great way of adding style to your décor in an instant!

Best of all, all these can be achieved without making any permanent changes.

Huge throw pillows

Throw pillows are a wonderful way to add warmth and a luxurious vibe to any space. They’re also an easy way to incorporate your own design style into your living room.

What’s more? You can customize them according to seasons and trends.

A mixture of different sizes of pillows in your arrangement is crucial to make your sofa or bed look luxurious.

A good way to group pillows is to have one large 24-inch square pillow, one 18-inch square pillow and one 24-inch by 6-inch lumbar pillow in front.

pillow sizes
Source: MyHavenHome

While styling your sofa or bed with pillows, a general rule of thumb is using an odd number of pillows to make it look playful, and even one for a more formal look.

Play around with the arrangement to see what is most pleasing to the eyes.

Invest in high-end furniture

When you invest in high-end furniture, you’re not just buying a piece of furniture, you’re investing in quality.

Furniture that comes with a significant price tag typically indicates that the brand has used higher-quality materials and made it according to higher standards.

This is what results in quality that lasts for many years – even with heavy use, luxury furniture can withstand wear and tear.

classic english entertainment room with chester sofa

Choosing high-end furniture can bring a room together, and it’s noticeable. These pieces will often look impressive with their luxury materials, but you can also feel, and in the case of leather, smell the quality.

classic english lounge area

Luxury pieces will be noticed by guests, and beautifully designed pieces can become central features in your home.

Luxury interior design ideas

Luxury interior design living room

modern luxury living room with ceiling mirror front view
modern luxury living room with marble wall
white luxury modern english living room
classic english lounge area

Luxury interior design bedroom

luxury customised design princess theme bedroom
luxury master bedroom with lighting
bedroom with bed board as focal point

Luxury interior design bathroom

luxury toilet with marble wall and bathtub
modern luxury bathroom with honeycomb wall

Luxury interior design kitchen

contemporary kitchen with wood materials
kitchen with natural lighting and greenery view
elegant black luxury kitchen

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