Angel’s condominimum featured in TheStar

Angel who came from Shanghai bought an empty condo so that she could have it designed from scratch. Zessie Li from Yuan Design was the right person for the job where she tactfully designed not only well-crafted cabinets but also allowing them to be hidden from view, allowing Angel to display more items in her house. The design allowed the 2100 sq ft house to look like a 3000 sq ft house with proper mirrors and hidden cabinets in place.

Now you see it, now you don’t.

In her new pad, cupboards are artfully hidden from view behind what look like walls and mirrors. The glossy black cabinets that line an entire wall facing the dining table appear to have been created just to display six exquisite large vases. But, surprise, surprise, concealed panels open up to reveal shoe racks inside.

“These concealed cabinets are beside the front door so they are the best possible place to store shoes and keep them out of sight. I can’t stand exposed shoe racks, and it is also inconvenient to carry shoes from the bedroom to the door, so having a hidden shoe cabinet is a dream come true,” the proud owner says.

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Angel House featured in thestar

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