Clean, sleek and contemporary bungalow featured in starproperty

Starproperty My featured Mrs Chan’s 10000 square feet bungalow house that has been beautifully designed by Yuan Design. The photographs displayed the clean, sleek and contemporary interior design of Mrs Chan’s bungalow. It also captured the friendship of Mrs Chan and the interior designer Zessie Li from Yuan Design as shown in the article where Mrs Chan can be seen smiling and delighted with her new house.

Quoting Mrs Chan who was interviewed by StarProperty:

The interiors are modern, classy and stylish. “We wanted a new and different look from our previous homes. The old villa was traditional European with ornate furnishings. Now we want a clean, sleek and contemporary look. Minimalistic and fuss-free with no statues and no flashy floral displays!”

You can read the original article here: Clean, sleek and contemporary

clean, sleak and contemporary article by starproperty

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