Setia Eco Park bungalow featured in TheStar

Another sleek and modern bungalow with a built-up area of 9000 sq ft designed by Yuan Design is the brand new home of Mr and Mrs Chan Chee Chin in Eco Setia Park. Their new house is quite a contrast to their old one. Their old home is designed in typical Chinese style, and now they have a house that resembles a contemporary resort with wide, open spaces and a triple-floor foyer crowned by a spectacular chandelier. This was a featured work of top modernist interior designer Zessie Li Hui Yuan of Yuan Design. Zessie not only built a modern home, but incorporated feng shui into her design which the couple were looking out for.

“The family dining room is important as wealth equals food,” observes Li, “so I installed a ceiling mirror directly above the dining table while another mirror hangs on the wall. This way, the plates of food are reflected from top and sideways, thus doubling what is on the table.

“The entire dining area is also elevated on glossy black marble about 6in above the floor. This signifies that whatever you eat today will get better tomorrow.”

Li also ensures that chi or the “universal breath” is allowed to flow smoothly by blending the outdoors and indoors with glass sliding doors.

“The chi enters and then meanders through the spacious reception under the chandelier before spreading to the rest of the house.” explains Li.

You can read the original article here: The house that Kwan Kung built

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