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Yuan Design is a close knit firm consisting of designers that work stylishly together. A place where employees are committed in achieving the best quality for the client and also the company. Signature style? NEVER. Every client is exclusive and their detailed requirements are our priority so customization is what we do best and proud of.

Our services consist of Interior Design, Space Planning, Interior Project Management, and Color Management Consultancy, with the project type for Office, Retail (Shopping Centers, Department Stores, Supermarkets, Showrooms, etc.), Hospitality (Hotels, Chalets & Resorts), Restaurants, and Residential (Bungalows & Condominiums).

Our Work Flow


Step 1
This is where we will find out from you what your dream home would be like. Do you like modern style or english style? Do you entertain guests on frequent basis at your house? Would you want a vibrant coloured home or a home with tranquil feeling? Based on your likes and dislikes, we will come up with a concept for your dream home.
conceptualisation of ideal home icon

Floor & Space Planning

Step 2
We will get a floor plan of your house. Based on the proposed concept of your dream home, we will design what should be in each area to produce the ideal home layout. This includes not only built-in furnitures, but also the placement of loose furnishings, i.e. tv, sofas, dining table, refrigerator, etc.
floor space planning & 2d drawing icon

3D Visuals

Step 3
This is where all the fine details begins and a very important part of our workflow. Our experienced designers will bring to life what we have discussed on the 2D floor and space planning to 3D visuals. In this manner, you will be able to visualise how your dream home will look like.
3d visual drawings icon

Quotation & Agreement

Step 4
With the layouts and 3D visuals, we will dive into the quotations for the renovation cost. The quotation will be detailed with a line by line cost so that you will know what we are charging you exactly for. There is no need to worry about hidden costs.
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Site Building

Step 5
After quotation is finalised and you are satisfied with the proposed design, our team of professional workers will start renovating your house. To ensure that your house is renovated correctly, we assign a dedicated project manager to oversee the renovation.
site construction icon

Project Review & Completion

Step 6
Finally, the day you have been waiting forthe completion of your dream house. Prior to this, we will ensure the house is properly cleaned and ready to move in. At this stage, you will be able to inspect and we will fix any defects if there are any. Once satisfied, you are able to move in.
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