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Dreaming about renovating your new home or office, but have many questions?

  • What is involved in an interior design and renovation process?
  • Would my home or office design be one of a kind?
  • Are you a one-stop solution (design and build) that tailors to my style and budget?
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We are a well-established design firm that offers full interior design service for both residential and commercial properties in Malaysia.

Our interior designers are involved in every step so we can ensure the best results possible!

Read on and let us guide you through the design and renovation processes.

Interior design services we provide

We realize how overwhelming planning for your dream home or office can be, and so our interior designers are involved from the beginning to the end.

To help you, our customer, understand the process of what goes on during an interior design project, we have outlined below the steps involved in a typical interior design service.

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Discovery Call

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So first let’s start with a discovery call.

Getting to know you

As we begin the first phase of our relationship with every new client, we conduct an in-depth study of your requirements and assess your desires to determine what would suit you best. We like to get a feel for who you are as a person and how you want to define yourself through design.

Walkthrough of our service

We first arrange a discovery call with you through a mutually convenient way of communication once you have signed up for a call with us.

A lot of information from this initial call will go into the concept, so it is important for us to have a comprehensive discussion of your goals and needs. Our interior designers want to understand your lifestyle, design style, the property you have and the overall feel you want to achieve.

During this call, we will walk you through the process of engaging our interior design services. We will address any issues you have at the same time. You will also have some initial ideas or suggestions from us.

We would love for our customers to visit our showroom to look at our workmanship.

Brainstorming for Design Concept

interior designer meeting with client

After we visited your property, we set out to discuss some initial concepts.

Design ideas that would represent you

At this stage of interior design services, our interior designers will sit down with you to brainstorm ideas that best represent who you are as an individual/family or the identity of your business.

We want you to know what our firm can do for you, which is why we provide you with 3D visuals of our previously completed projects. This way, you will definitely have a better idea of what your interior can look like under the hands of our master designers.

Design concept suggestions

Based on your lifestyle and preferences gathered from our discovery call, we will propose the design styles, mood and feel of the space.

This is where we let our imagination run wild and produce a creative concept that is unique and personalised for you. Our designers will ensure that not only is it aesthetically beautiful but also very practical for your everyday life.

The initial design concepts would reflect the connection between all areas of the home. It would be in harmony, rhythm and balance.

At this stage, the decision is yours – all we do is provide a glance at what your dream interior design could be.

Space planning

interior design services - space planning residential building blueprint plans

Now that we have established the concept you love, it is time to plan the layout of the space.

At this point, we would require you to provide us with the floor plan which is usually found in your property’s Sales & Purchase document. This allows us to draw the space elements and built-in carpentry with the exact dimensions.

Space planning importance

Space planning is a crucial step in interior design as it ensures that the arrangement of elements and furniture work together to create functional, comfortable and stylish working or living spaces.

Our designer will ensure that there is a flow between all rooms in the home to create efficient and effective use of the floor space.

Layout proposal

Once our space planning layout is completed, we will arrange an appointment with you. During this discussion, our interior designer will walk you through the zones of the spaces and the activities that will take place in them.

We will also discuss the concept of flow between these zones to show the movement throughout the interior design space.

This is where you would also give feedback and further let us know your furniture type and taste.

It is important that the proposed layout is confirmed before we proceed to the 3D visuals.

3D Visuals

This is the most exciting part of interior design. Here is where we bring ideas to life.

From our space planning layout and design concept, we create a 3D visual of your space. By using modern software, we create a realistic visualisation of your interior spaces. You will be able to see multiple angles of the design with the colours, material, texture, lighting, furniture, decors, etc.

interior design services - 3d visual drawing

Visualising the design concept

The goal of having 3D visuals is so that you are able to visualise the design concept and understand how your home or office would look like. This would also avoid costly mistakes before the construction starts.

Our interior designer will also walk you through each space to get your feedback and suggestions on the 3D visual.

We will explain the design concept and style on each visual, and help you to understand the design, materials and finishings involved. Our visuals are detailed with accurate proportion and size of built-in furniture, lighting fixture, materials, etc.

Feedback from you

During this phase, we will discuss your final decisions on any changes or tweaks to ensure that you are getting what you want for your home or business.

Our master designers would work closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your interior design reflects your personality and lifestyle. It will also match all elements of our proposed layout based on the initial discussion on space planning.

This gives you peace of mind and assurance that we can indeed turn your dream into reality.

Quotation and Agreement

interior design services - quotation and agreement, signing contract

With all the 3D visuals done, our team will then create a detailed quotation to give you an estimate of the costs involved.

This includes a legal document that our company and you will agree on and sign.

Breaking down the cost

We have made an effort to break down all aspects of your project into separate components so that it’s easy for you to understand what each item will cost.

This is to ensure you understand the relationship between the materials used and the price.

At the same time, we are upfront about our pricing. You may feel confident that we provide you with a fair price without any hidden costs.

The formal agreement would also protect both parties in ensuring that the services are delivered as agreed.

Signing the agreement

We also explain our terms and conditions in a simple manner so that they are easy for you to understand. We will be happy to answer your questions at this point if anything is not clear. This includes any aspects of the quotation.

As soon as we both agree on terms and conditions, you are required to sign an agreement that ensures both parties have agreed on the statement of work and other terms and conditions before we proceed to renovate your home or office.


interior design services site construction

Once you’ve made your choice, we will hand it over to our incredibly talented craftsmen who will then go ahead and bring your imagination into a physical reality.

In this part of our interior design services, our project coordinator will work closely with you in all decisions throughout the process.

A project coordinator to handle everything for you

We want to make sure that our renovation services meet your expectations and reflect what you envisioned for your space.

To achieve this, our project coordinator manages the entire renovation process with our craftsmen. We will also take care of any issues that may occur during construction to ensure a smooth renovation process.

What to expect

Our professional craftsmen will follow through with our designs as presented in the 3D visuals, and we’ll liaise with you to make sure it meets your expectations.

We will advise on any changes to the design or construction process if necessary. We make sure that every detail, from the colour of the paint to the fabric, is agreed upon by you before construction starts.

Our project coordinator will be your main point of contact. He/she will give you regular updates on the renovation works. You can raise any issues or questions to our project coordinator during this process.

Project review and Handover

interior design service - project complete and handover

Once the renovation is completed, we will conduct a thorough site review to ensure that you’re happy with the way it turned out.

Our project coordinator will walk you through every detail of your new home or office and address any concerns or issues that may still exist after this point.

Site review

The site review process ensures that you are satisfied with the renovation works. More importantly, it allows us to address any concerns or questions regarding your new home or office.

We believe in quality control, and we always want you to be satisfied and proud of your home or office.

Handover and enjoy your new home

Our project coordinator will take note of any issues during this review and fix them for you.

Once you’re happy with how everything is, our project coordinator will hand over all keys and documents involved in the ownership of your new home or office.

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